Immersed in the cyclical journey of our planet, life on Earth is constantly keeping up with the dance of the seasons. The third in the Modern Pagan Prayers Series recognises and marks the passing of time with praise, thanksgiving and reflection.


Come, celebrate the turning of the Wheel. Ranging from joyful thanksgiving and celebration to introspective meditation and mindfulness, this book celebrates the main Pagan festivals that mark the seasons.

The Wheel of the Year conflates many different festivals and traditions. Wiccan in origin, it is now widely followed among Pagans. The repetition of these celebrations in the same, or similar, ways year after year can deepen our understanding of nature and our own life-cycles, as well as creating wonderful personal and community traditions.

The forty six pieces here are grounded in the authors’ own cultures and folk traditions. The eclectic writing references Celtic, Germanic and Greek theologies, blended with a clear recognition of our relationship with the planet we inhabit.

Whether you are looking for texts to use in your personal devotions or with your community, here you will find prayers, songs, blessings and other pieces to celebrate each of the eight sabbats, as well as the Dead Time, which falls between Samhain and Yule. The pieces honor the spirit and mood of each holiday and offer consolation, challenge and inspiration.

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