A wound
in time
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A Wound in Time: Pagan prayers for a modern world

21 prayers, blessings and other devotional pieces for all modern-day Pagans.
The collection uses a variety of voices to address three Divinities – Our Lady of Corona, the Weaver of Worlds and the Horned God – and to reflect on issues that might fall within the authority of each.

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Elemental voices: Pagan prayers for a modern planet

27 prayers, blessings and other devotional pieces for all modern-day Pagans.
A themed compilation that challenges you to a greater recognition of the presence of the elements and inspires gratitude and celebration of the role they play in your life and in the world around you.

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Turn of the wheel: A year of modern Pagan prayer and praise

46 prayers, blessings and other devotional pieces for all modern-day Pagans.
This book celebrates the principal Pagan festivals that mark the passing of the seasons through voices ranging from joyful gratitude and thanksgiving to introspective meditation and mindfulness.

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Three books

Do you feel the need to pray?
What do you say when you can’t find your voice? Sometimes words fail us when we need them most; established prayers can feel out-of-date, irrelevant, or foreign to our spiritual beliefs.

New words to address new challenges

Faced with the challenges of 2020, the authors found the old forms weren’t enough, so they decided to write for themselves the words they needed but couldn’t find.

The tools of poetry turned to prayer

The repetition, rhythm and poetical structure of the pieces will encourage and facilitate participation in group rituals and also inspire other forms of worship including drumming, music, song and dance.

For personal devotion or group rituals

Whatever your spiritual tribe and no matter what prayer means to you – communion with the Divine, a meditative practice, or ritual devotion – in these books you will find memorable, beautiful pieces to use in your personal practice or with your community.

Consolation, comfort and challenge

The themed pieces address global and individual concerns in the twenty-first century. They will appeal to all modern Pagans, including Druids, Pantheists, Polytheists, Wiccans, and Devotees of the Goddess, as well as interfaith, mindfulness and wellness practitioners.

The authors
Lucia Moreno-Velo
Lucía Moreno-Velo | Author

Lucía is a Pantheist who believes Pagan theology can contribute to the conversation on justice and climate change. She lives with her wife and their two children in Madrid, Spain.

Gwyneth Box
Gwyneth Box | Author

Spiritually non-tribal, Gwyneth writes in many genres and is an award-winning poet. She leads workshops, mentors non-fiction writers and poets, and appears regularly at open mikes and on the radio.

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